Holiday Theme

December is marked by days of celebration and observance for many cultures and faiths around the world. Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, Rohatsu, Yule and Kwanzaa all occur this month. This time of year is packed with family faiths, hopes for the future, duty to God, and charity to all. Service projects are a way to give thanks while helping those in need in our neighborhoods and in our schools. The excitement of the holiday season brings magic to the eyes of Cub Scouts as they prepare decorations, make gifts, and sing songs of the season.

Find out how the celebrations in another country are similar and different than those in the USA. Celebrate the holiday season with foods and crafts that are appropriate to the various faiths. Compare your own family's customs and traditions with others in your community. Invite an adult from another nation to come to your pack meeting to tell how their family celebrates. Why not start a new tradition of service in your pack as a way to honor the holidays this month?

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Holiday-themed placemats are great to use as a gathering activity before pack or den meetings to help promote day camp.

Before printing the placemat: insert the date, time, location and web page of your district day camp on page 2.

Check back for more placemats being posted soon.

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