Blue and Gold Banquet Theme

Most packs celebrate Scouting Anniversary Week in February with a birthday party called the blue and gold banquet; some packs do end of the year banquets. It brings families together for fun and cheer. The purpose of a banquet is to celebrate the Scouting, thank leaders and volunteers, and inspire the leaders, Scouts, and parents.

The banquet can be like a regular pack meeting with songs, skits, stunts, and awards, or it can be something different and a little more special. The pack committee may decide to bring in an entertainer such as a mad scientist or magician and have a video or slideshow year in review.

A good banquet needs lots of careful planning at least two months in advance to be successful. The pack committee should recruit a banquet chair, who in turn may select others to carry out the responsibilities of the program, such as making physical arrangements, promotions, inviting special guests, decorations, choosing a theme, ordering food, etc. A detailed plan for banquets, including a planning calendar, sample agenda, and suggested program activities, is available in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book, No. 621165.

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The blue and gold banquet can have a generic theme with Scouting centerpieces and glue and gold decorations.  Scouts can learn the history of how Scouting came to the United States. Find out about those who have given us this great Scouting legacy such as Daniel Carter Beard, James E. West, Ernest Thompson Seton, Waite Phillips, and W. D. Boyce.  Banquets can also have themes that match the council's day camp theme (e.g., beach, jungle, space, western) or utilize a theme that is easy to decoration and have a guest speaker (e.g., magician, mad scientist).

The volunteer committee is working on updating these resources with the most recent advancement changes, including the addition of girls and Lions. If you find any errors, suggestions for changes, improvements, or additional ideas, let us know.

Blue and Gold Banquet Ideas

Blue and gold banquet ideas including skits, songs, advancement ceremonies, opening/closing ceremonies and more can be found in our theme ideas.  This is still being updated.

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Blue and gold themed placemats can be used as a gathering activity to help promote day camp. Print one-sided to two-sided. Before printing, insert the date, time, location and web URL of your district day camp on page 2.

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Visit our beach themed Pinterest boards on the council Pinterest page for more ideas.  

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