Be Part of the Adventure

Stay connected to your Eagle Scout family

Do you miss your Eagle Scouting days? Want to get back in on the fun? Don’t worry, you can still be an important part of the Eagle Scout experience! Joining the Eagle Scout Alumni Association will help keep you up to speed on what’s happening in Scouting, for both yourself and young people who are just getting started. You can feel the thrill of Scouting all over again while you help introduce the next generation of Scouts to the same unique Eagle Scout experience you had. That means getting to relive all of the excitement, challenges, and adventure that you enjoyed when becoming an Eagle Scout, through the keen eyes of your rookie Eagle Scout companions.

The Eagle Scout Association - SHAC is a fellowship of Eagle Scout alumni who reside in the 16-county area of the Sam Houston Area Council. Membership is open to all Eagle Scouts, and there is no charge to join ESA-SHAC. We are a council Eagle Scout committee affiliated with the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA).

Mission: to perpetuate the growth of Scouting through the power of adult Eagle Scout leadership.

Vision: to rekindle the fire that engages Eagle Scout alumni in a way that models the Scout Oath and Law, demonstrates leadership and inspires others.

The Eagle Scout Association - SHAC accomplishes their mission and vision through Eagle Scout recognition, networking and service. All Eagle Scouts are encouraged to get involved, volunteer and stay in touch.   

Upcoming Events

The SHAC-ESA holds networking breakfasts, Eagle Scout meetups, volunteers events and sponsors the New Eagle Scout Reception. To learn more about upcoming events, sign up for the email newsletter and join the ESA-SHAC Facebook group. For more information, contact