District Membership and Activities Chairs,

Please submit information about your district rocket launch.  This information will be added to www.shac.org/rockets and your district website.

Initially you may only have a date and location. Please submit additional details as you find out about them.  As soon as we get the registration information, we will help you start promoting your event. Event details (e.g., schedule, what to bring, program information) is critical for new parents who likely have never been to a Scouting event.


Rocket Launch Day Details​


Event Details

If this event is being held at a district event, please provide any information that needs to be included on the event page on the district website. Please review the page on your district website and provide corrections below.

If this event is a separate event, we will set up a page with information about the event on your district website. See a sample page: http://communications.shac.org/rocket-day.